Monthly Archives: March 2013

1. Managed Resources

Managed Resource is one of the most important concepts in JEE. Managed Resource Factory is a factory that is governed by Container. Usually it means that Container: takes care of security, administrates, pools, integrates with transaction and provides easy access to Resources. Managed Resource is a resource, for instance a connection, produced by Managed Resource Factory. It is managed by Container. Usually it means that Container reuse resource, if properly used then guarantees synchronized access, can intercept invocations, listens for life cycle changes.

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Usually patterns provide indirections and abstractions, invoker and invokee are separated. This pattern acts opposite, exposes feature that is internal by its nature. Persistence Contexts are internal features of any EJB. The aim is to externalize it, to make it remote, a part of distributed environment.

This pattern was presented in Adam Bien’s Real World Java EE PatternsĀ  – Rethinking Best Practices and contributions belong to the author. The name Gateway comes from this publication.

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